Two Reasons Why a Sod Yard Is the Best Choice for You

If you're exploring your options for creating a beautiful yard, look no further than sod.  Sod, otherwise known as turf, is a thatch of grass that is bound together by roots that lie beneath a square surface.  This means that sod is real grass, as opposed to some of the artificial grass versions that are currently on the market.  Learning more about the benefits of sod can help you understand why sod is the right choice for you.

Sod Is the Quicker Alternative

One of the main reasons why laying sod is so much better than traditional grass seeds is because sod takes root much faster.  Depending on the type of grass seeds that you use, it can take as long as a few weeks for you to begin seeing grass sprouting up on your lawn.  It may take even longer if you happen to live in an area where there isn't a sufficient amount of rain or sunlight, or if your soil is not the right temperature.

A sod lawn is not as dependent upon weather conditions as grass seeds, giving you the ability to have a beautiful lawn right away.  Someone else has taken the time grow and nurture the grass, so you get to either purchase the sod from a nearby home and garden store, or have it delivered and lay it down right away. 

The time factor is very important to keep in mind because you don't want to have an unappealing yard that diminishes the curb appeal of your home.  This is especially true if you're looking to sell your house, since some potential homebuyers may see an unkempt yard and assume that you have maintained your house poorly as well.

Sod Requires Less Maintenance

Another great reason why sod is such a good option for your lawn is because it won't require as much maintenance as naturally-grown grass.  Sod requires as much as sixty percent less water than traditional grass, meaning that you won't have to take up valuable time watering your lawn.

In addition, there are certain types of sod available that don't need to be mowed as often as natural grass, and also don't need to be sprayed with pesticides.  This is a wonderful quality, especially if you have pets or children that like to play in your yard.

When you install sod in your yard, you are making a decision that will prove to be very valuable.  Choose sod for your next lawn project so you can enjoy these benefits and many more. For more information, talk to a professional like B & B Hoffman Sod Farms.